The NC NICA Podcast

The Season of Adventure!

November 02, 2020 Michael Eastwood and Shawn Moore Season 1 Episode 1
The NC NICA Podcast
The Season of Adventure!
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  1. Intro 
  2. Podcast purpose

News/Main Topic: NCICL Season overview

  1. “The season of adventure”
  2. Why no races?
  3. So, what CAN we do?
    1. Explore NC - Destination Rides
    2. NICA ABC challenge 
    3. Covid considerations for practice
      1. “Foot down, mask up”
      2. Practice pods

Program highlight: GRiT Coaches Retreat (Nov. 14-15 at Ride Kanuga)

  1. What is going to be offered
    1. 101/201 (days?)
    2. Round table discussions
  2. Cost
    1. Rapha GRiT grant dramatically reduces cost
    2. What is included?

TD info/spotlight: PitZone information/reminders

  1. All coach licenses reset on Oct. 15.
    1. You only need to do what is required for the highest level you had last year
    2. Every level 2 and level 3 coach will have to reaffirm their contact hours (super simple process now)
    3. Remember that background checks are annual requirements now
  2. New online one-time ride waiver for adults and kids

HC/Coach info/spotlight: What’s your NICA why?

  1. In a time of uncertainty, thinking about what motivates you...

NICA sponsor/coaches discount highlight: Podiumwear 

  1. Information on custom team facemasks
  2. NC GRiT Jersey storefront reopened! 
  3. for more info


  1. Follow up coaches call on (Nov. 16, 7:30 pm )
  2. Have a question? Have a topic idea for a future podcast? We want to hear from you!

Season Overview
Program highlight: NC GRiT female coach retreat
Team Director information
Head Coach/Coach information
NICA Sponsor highlight: Podiumwear
Wrap up